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Custom Artisan Woodturned Items

Harding Pens and woodturnings is the work of Brad Harding of Aurora, Ontario, Canada.; formed in 2005. All the woodturnings are made by hand, in my home wood shop. I have always been fascinated by the symmetrical beauty of turned objects and the natural colours and grain patterns of wood.

In 2004, I made some wood pens on my lathe as Christmas gifts for my family. I took a few to work to show co-workers these marvelous items and to my surprise one of them offered to buy a pen from me.

That was the start. I talked to my accounting friend, got a business license and a tax number and I began Harding Pens as a business. I have three lathes now and have sold over 400 pens now. This new website begins a new phase for this venture; I plan to expand my work and turn more variety of wood turnings this year. God willing, I also hope to return to blogging about new products and launch a you-tube channel. Stay tuned!

Woodturning Artisan and Proprietor:

Brad Harding

Woodturner for 30+ years, christian, mechanical enginner, husband, and father of 3 boys.