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Wood Pens

Wood Turned Pens and Pencils. Ball point pens, Rollerball pens, Fountain pens, and mechanical pencils. Pen and Pencil sets.


Various wood turned items - handmade items from local and international hardwoods. Key fobs, wizard wands, clocks, conductor batons, gear shift knobs and many more.

Wood Info

Information and images of the many types of wood used in the creation of these woodturned items.

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about Harding Pens

Harding Pens creates unique one-of-a-kind wooden items. Click on a product icon to learn more or buy from available stock. Request a free quote for custom items.

Handmade Unique Wood Products

All products I make for Harding Pens are handmade in my wood shop using hardwood sourced from around the world.

I prefer to use the natural colours of these beauiful woods. There is so much beauty in the nautural colours and grain patterns of these woods that I hate to distort them with stains or dyes. That is where my company moto comes from: "Exposing the beauty that God weaves into wood". God puts the colour and grain there, I just use my tools to reveal the beauty that is inside the wood.

I purchase the metal hardware used in my pens and pencils. These parts are beyond the capabilities of my wood shop to make. I combining these bits of gold, chrome, brass and zinc; with hand shaped pieces of hardwood, to create wonderful writting instruments that showcase the wonders of the worlds wood variety.

All wood is ethically sourced so you will not find any wood types that are endangered and protected.

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